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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 2, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> cold-blooded killing. a local man is killed overnight in a hospital and his friend and hears everything. the latest on the search for the killer tonight. in a recent video scandal. it was caught on tape. the investigation is underway. and david arquette is taking new steps to address personal problems. the news starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute we begin tonight with an unsolved murder at a hospital. a friend over heard the murder, which could help police find the killer. our reporter joins us live with the latest. >> police have yet to name a suspect. because of the cell phone call,
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we are learning possible new information tonight. >> he said, give me your money. >> the mother of an employee at the hospital says her son was on the phone with a friend when he was attacked saturday. the friend heard the whole thing. >> he said, is this all the to have. he said yes. >> the attack happened inside of a boiler room and cost a four power lock down as police searched every room in the hospital. no suspect was found. this is still a very active investigation. >> we cannot say whether or not a victim was targeted or if it was an act. this is the most important aspect of the investigation.
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>> sadness. a neighbor who knew him did not want to show his face. >> i am very shocked. >> there are so many questions for his family. there is a lot of grief and a mother pleading for her son's killer to come forward. [unintelligible] >> we understand the person on the other end of the cell phone call has spoken with police. that person is keeping their identity a secret for obvious reasons as police are trying to identify and find the person responsible for his murder. anyone with information should call police. abc 7 news. >> the new congress will convene in a few days.
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top republicans were making it clear that they are itching for a fight with the white house. health care reform was a major part of the obama administration in the first couple of years of office. republicans say that will be the first thing they will undo. >> watch what happens. we hope to vote to repeal health care early. >> the senate is controlled by democrats. the president would never sign a bill for repealing health care reform. >> the fight on a obama care will go across the board in the house and the senate. >> republicans will demand deep cuts to government spending across the board. >> this is going to get old
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really fast. >> congress will look at the amount of money that can be borrowed. >> i will not write a blank check, but we will do these things to make it fiscally response will. >> failure to raise the debt limit is insanity. >> the impact on the economy would be catastrophic. that would be the worst financial economic crisis, worse than anything we saw in 2008. >> republican lawmakers say he wants them a permanent ear bases in afghanistan. they want to give afghan security forces and edge against
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the taliban. obama wants to draw down forces next year. they have spoken about an enduring presence in afghanistan but has not said what that would mean. president obama signed into law a bill that provides help for 9/11 survivors. he signed the bill in hawaii where he is vacationing with his family. it will help provide health coverage for first responders to got sick while working at ground zero. metro riders can weigh in on random bag inspections for the first time. if you would like to attend this meeting, it is tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. in northwest washington. it was a gloomy gray sunday. what can we expect at the start
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of the workweek? here is the interim. >> we have watched areas of rain move off toward the east. the cold front brought us a lot of rain. the temperatures are beginning to fall. 32 winchester. we had temperatures earlier around 50 degrees this morning. here is our forecast for overnight hours. what can we expect for the upcoming week? details in my forecast coming up. >> millions of people throughout the country have experienced a major glitch with their iphone. and offensive videos is at the center of a naval investigation.
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>> australia is dealing with a flood emergency that is blamed -- fed is responsible for one death already. 22 counties in the queens lead area are affected. rain started falling before christmas. it has stopped, but they expect waters to continue to rise for the next few days. in the baltimore orioles pitcher is wanted by police. they say he is a suspect in a deadly shooting that happened on new year's eve. a man was wounded in the attack. he plans to meet with authorities tonight or tomorrow morning. the navy is investigating one of its top captains for making a series of montevideo's. it occurred -- raunchy videos.
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it occurred on the uss enterprise. >> laced with profanity, anti- gay slurs, and pictures of women in showers together as well as men. this was obtained by a virginia newspaper. the navy confers the videos were made in 1957. it was showed on the ship. >> i think he should be consulting somebody to get advice on the next chapter of his life. >> he is the commander of the enterprise. they say his status has not changed. the navy says the videos are inappropriate and officers are accountable for setting the
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proper tone in upholding the standards of honor, courage, and commitment. an investigation has been launched. throughout the club, he claims his superiors are unaware of the offensive comments and jokes. >> the question is whether they should have known. naval commanders are expected to take care of the things that come to their attention but also to run a tight ship. >> they learned of the videos in 2007 and ordered them to stop doing them. >> it is a question of inappropriate behavior and it is looking to change when they repealed the do not ask do not tell. this will affect the armed services as a whole. >> washington.
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>> a new mayor for washington, d.c. he was sworn in at noon today. many attended his inaugural ball at the washington center. here is more on tonight's festivities. >> people are continuing to pour out of the washington convention center. he had a great campaign trail especially in one city. ♪ thousands of district residents joined vips and dignitaries to fill the washington convention center for mayor vincent gray said inaugural ball. >> i am ecstatic and hopeful and joyful. >> the guests spend the evening dancing. the former chairman of the council was sworn in as the city's leader.
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>> whether we are black, white, red, brown, or yellow, whether we get around by car, bus, train, foot, or bike, this is one city, our city, the district of columbia. >> creating one city is very real and true in his heart. all of the ethnic divides are unimportant. >> we were told the mayor's pledge to you night was a major consideration for them at the polling booth. >> the previous administration drove a wedge between that the device of thought. i am looking forward to that wedge being pulled out. >> one person said this is the opportune time for newly elected leaders to find common ground. >> it is very exciting to be a part of change in the washington
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area. we have to be players in this area and work together. >> moments ago, we spoke with the mayor, who said he hopes to work with all of the people in the building and many thousands more in the coming year. he is hearing about creating jobs, improving education, and balancing the budget. >> thanks. we are following developing news from los angeles. one actress, zsa zsa gabor is back in the hospital, this time to have her leg amputated. and it has been a rough months for courtney cox. her estranged husband is in
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rehab tonight. he is being treated for alcohol abuse and depression. the separation has been hard on him according to his representative. and here is an update on the iphone tobacco. -- problem. the software problem caused it to turn the alarm function off on several phones. >> everybody is having a problem with it. employees have been too late for work as a result of it. >> iphone users experience a similar problem in november. >> and no excuses for tomorrow as we go back to school and work.
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it is hard to believe that our temperatures were flirting with a 60 degree mark. pennsylvania avenue, the winds are beginning to pick up just a little bit. we are looking at temperatures of 33 degrees. a high of 57 degrees. 33 with a high of 58. the average for this time of year, 43. 57, gaithersburg. 61 in culpeper.
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36 at reagan national. even colder out to the west of us. it feels like 21 at winchester. real cold air is still a way off. 16 in minneapolis. a very quiet weather pattern is ahead. the cold front has moved offshore. skies had cleared out nicely. looking at rain for boston. you could run into problems or delays if you are travelling in that direction tomorrow.
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the winds are going to pickup over the weekend. a coastal storm is expected to develop. clear skies, a nice change as we will have sunshine in the day tomorrow. this cold front from the west will keep temperatures slightly cooler. mainly clear overnight around 20 to 28 degrees. sunshine will make it look nice out there tomorrow. thursday, temperatures falling to 40's. a coastal storm is expected on friday. we may just get windy conditions across the atlantic. we will have to watch it over the next several days.
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>> coming up next, a
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>> moviegoers' cannot get enough of the "little fockers." it edged out "tru e grit" and n" and "yogi bear" round out the top five. >> a new head football coach for the university of maryland. we will talk about that. and the redskins were in their season finale.
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>> the redskins organization is looking to next season. they have put this disappointing campaign in the rearview mirror. they lost to the new york giants. our colleague was at the game today.
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we find out how this one slip away. >> close but not close enough. the narrow loss is proof of that. >> i am disappointed that we lost. >> heathrow -- he threw for 300 guards but also turned the ball over three times. >> i tried to prepare as much as possible for all three games. >> that performance could be his last in burgundy and gold. he made a case for himself in this play as the film armstrong downfield for a touchdown. -- down field -- as he found armstrong downfield for a touchdown. but it is player may not be here much longer because he is a free
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agent. >> i am pleased that i gave myself a chance. >> you will have your hands full trying to figure out who is going to come and go. >> going through all kinds of diversity. >> more is said. >> the future of the redskins is up in the air. an agreement expires this march. next season is still uncertain. abc 7 sports.
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>> and there is a new head coach for the university of maryland. the university will hold a press conference tomorrow to introduce him to the fans and media. one person played for him at connecticut. >> he took on that father roll with me being away from my parents. he cares more about you than just being a football player. >> [unintelligible] the cavaliers went easily tonight.
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a big game tomorrow night for virginia tech football. that is a look
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>> are you ready for some colder air? >> i do not think it matters. >> it will be near 60 degrees. a lease that was the case this morning. but it will get cooler. head over to our web site to get the latest on the forecast. there is some interesting information about the weather. >> are you ready for it? >> i do. >> thanks for joining us.
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